Hi !

I'm Xiaowei R. Wang, a designer, artist, thinker, dreamer and programmer. My work aims to serve the public with projects that provoke audiences to examine the relationship between our bodies, our minds, ecology and technology, with a focus on work that empowers the community that I work with.

I do this through by cultivating and nourishing community, making public art, data visualization and holding community art workshops. I do not aim to be a thought leader or a visionary: I believe in the constantly collaborative process of research, design and knowledge building.

If you have a theoretical or creative knot you want help untangling, please feel free to reach out below.

Currently: filming a sci-fi documentary on tech in China (working title Shenzhen2020), working on some Sinofuture food recipes, serve as the Creative Director at Logic Magazine, occasionally contribute to Radii China, and getting a PhD at UC Berkeley where I am part of the National Science Foundation's Environment and Society: Data Science for the 21st Century Research Traineeship.

Previously, I've worked at Mapbox, Meedan, and Situ Research.

Some of the prior projects I've worked on have been a finalist for the INDEX Design Awards, featured on CNN, NYTimes, Method Science Quarterly, VICE Magazine, NYTimes, IEEE Spectrum,Harvard Design Magazine and the BBC. Or, watch me ramble about the type of things I'm interested in like neoliberalism, China, the internet and economics speaking at the Asian Art Museum and babbling about how art intersects with landscape and citizenship on CNN.

You can zoom and rotate the landscape or press "R" to toggle colors, "W" and "S" to toggle between plan and section view. The terrain model is Landers, CA (34.2661° N, 116.3922° W), a place at the intersection of many ley lines. The elevation information is from ASTER GDEM

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